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With over 3,000 attendees, this was our biggest event ever. Catch a glimpse of the keynote highlights, replay our top breakout session content, and stay tuned for more details on next year’s conference.

Our largest conference ever!

3,400+ people

attended Cvent CONNECT this year

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170 sessions

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Keynote Sessions

General Session

Reggie Aggarwal

Founder and CEO, Cvent

General Session

Chuck Ghoorah

Co-Founder and President, Cvent

Product Roadmap Event Cloud

David Quattrone

Co-Founder and CTO, Cvent

Product Roadmap Hospitality Cloud

Pete Floros

VP Product Management, Cvent

Breakout Sessions

Event Professionals

From Planner to Marketer: The Evolution of the Event Professional

Amanda Young, GE Healthcare

Tune up your event marketing engine with these marketing power plays that will put you back in the driver's seat.

The Power of Live Events

David Chalmers, Cvent

Katie Pope, Marketo

See how live events are not only empowering planners and marketers, but also emboldening their decision making to create one-of-a-kind experiences for their attendees. 

Stakeholder Engagement; Be the Conductor

Melissa Nahama, BCD Meetings and Events

Shauna Whitehead, BCD Meetings and Events

Like any instrument in an orchestra, each voice is unique and valuable. This panel will explore creative ways to better engage with the key stakeholders that make up your organization’s orchestra so that you can make beautiful music together.

Power Up the Platform Play: Cvent as an Enterprise Solution Pays off Big for University of Colorado

Kate O’Connell, University of Colorado

Kris Justice, Cvent

Learn how one of Cvent’s clients is utilizing the power of Cvent’s event management solution across its enterprise and solving their diverse needs and initiatives.

Solution Session: Leveraging the Cvent Platform

Alex Rolfe, Cvent

Allan Villanueva, Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply

Cvent's event management platform is constantly evolving with new features and functionality being released every week. Are you harnessing the full power of the platform? Join the session to catch up on everything Cvent has to offer. 

From Near to Far: Forecasting the Future of Event Technology

Brian Ludwig, Cvent

Our industry has undergone massive change in the last decade alone? What's next? Hold onto your iPads, it's going to be an electrifying ride.

Designing and Delivering WOW Moments

Gary Schirmacher, Maritz (Experient, A Maritz Company)

Today’s most successful event experience designers are laser focused on WOW moments that matter to their guests. In this session, we’ll explore best ways to scale up and extend events through Experiential Design.

Meetings Management: Leveraging Your Program’s Engagement Strategy to Reach your ROI Potential

Heather Kane, McDonald’s Corp

Connie Tullis, McDonald’s Corp

The value of being able to tell your story is critical in today's organization. This session will share McDonald's success story of taking its meetings management program to the next level through the development of an attendee engagement program.

The Last Mile: Understanding the Issue with Group Housing Management

Chris Avery, Cvent

Adam Briggs, ConferenceDirect

Kevin MacIntyre, Accor Hotels

Olivia Pelzer

Whether you hate spreadsheets, can never seem to meet your room block commitments, or struggle to manage constantly changing attendee reservations, room block management is a painful piece of managing any event. This session will provide you with the tools to take back control and empower your room block management process.

The Art of Connecting People: Why Planners should be Master Connectors

Jessica Levin, Seven Degrees Communications

If you have been in the industry long enough you know that the reasons people attend events are networking and education. Solid education is imperative to the success of an event. However, it’s often networking and relationship building that creates an emotional connection to your event and organization and that’s what keeps people coming back. This session will explore the importance of being a connector and how planners can facilitate relationship building among their attendees. We will discuss techniques that can help to foster relationships with and without the use of technology.

From Sourcing to Booking: Power Plays

Barbara Atom, VisitDallas

Betsy Bondurant, Bondurant Consulting

Margot Connaughton, Enterprise Events Group

Stephanie Glanzer, MGM Resorts

Jodi VanWoerkom, Association of American Medical Colleges

TPPs, CVBs, NSOs, RFPs. The litany of acronyms continues. But which process is the best to empower your team's sourcing and booking process? Join this discussion to understand all of the different options.

Supercharge Your Event Data: 8 Ways to Drive Revenue

Kim Scott, Illumina

Data powers the decisions surrounding your events -- learn 8 key ways to leverage that data to drive more revenue. 

Cvent Quick Wins: Speaker Engagement, Mobile Adoption, and Salesforce Integration

Alexis Aguilu, Nicholas Parrish, Beca Spiraga, Ounce of Prevention Fund

Through a series of Cvent use-cases, The Ounce of Prevention Fund, will share critical insight on their event planning process and CRM Salesforce integration. Utilizing a relationship-based approach, the event and IT professional team builds high-quality content, engages with participants and ultimately creates value for attendees and the organization.

No Pain and A Lot to Gain: Conference Apps for All

Stephanie Martinez, Professional Media Group

Former web designer and user experience expert now corporate event producer, Stephanie Martinez, will help event industry professionals understand the conference app landscape, what capabilities are most important in a conference app and how to make the best decision for their company/clients. 

Solution Session: Transforming Events with the CrowdCompass Mobile Event App

Brooke Gracey, CrowdCompass by Cvent

Pamela O’Connor, Association for Community Living, Inc.

Your job is to delight and excite your attendees. But it’s not always that simple, is it? Modern attendees have modern expectations, and you must continuously update your repertoire to keep your attendees on their toes. Learn how you can use a mobile app to give your attendees a mind-boggling, gasp-inducing, tear-jerking, dazzling event. Join us and see how CrowdCompass’ features can transform your event by streamlining your job as a planner, personalizing your attendees’ experience, and increasing event engagement. 

Tap into the Power of Influencers at Your Next Event

Lisa Marcyes, Marketo

'Influencer marketing' is more than a just a buzzword. It's an opportunity for brands to reach a large audience by interacting with only a few. Events provide a unique venue for marketers to develop content with influencers that can be utilized throughout the year. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to craft an influencer strategy that builds relationships, increases reach, expands your content arsenal, and makes your event shine.

Hospitality Professionals

10 Trends Affecting Hospitality in 2017

Linda McNairy

Donny Neufuss

Discover new patterns and trends to understand the factors most likely to influence business success...and the math behind the findings.

Tactical Magic: Building Sales and Marketing Strategies with Data-Driven Tactics

Larry Mogelonsky

Earn your competitive advantage using real data surrounding lead generation, upselling and cross selling, and building brand loyalty in your market.

Decoding Your Weak Spots and Revenue Black Holes

Jack Easdale

Andre Fournier

Operational weak spots are a heavy drain on revenue, so use real data about your property, brand, and market to make better business decisions and plans for the future.

Building Brand Ambassadors Step by Step

Travis Howe

Here are the steps you need for leveraging customer data to refine your value prop and establish your property's brand identity in today's competitive market.

Then and Now: How We Measure Data, Success, and the Competition

Stefan Tweraser

Find the secrets to success that have been hiding in your data for years. In this session, we reveal how upgrading your manual processes and an outdated management mindset can turn obstacles into opportunities and help you out-think the competition.

Top 3 Hotel Problems Technology Can Solve

Jeffrey Emenecker

Mike Mahoney

Here are the technology, tactics, and tools you need to address the top three issues facing the hospitality industry in 2017.

Addressing the Generation Gap: Branding and Messaging to the Right Audience

Francesca Vereb

Baby boomers, Generation X, and Millennial planners have distinct ways of consuming content. Learn how generational divides affect the buying cycle, including the value of money, negotiations, and common misconceptions across the age gap.

From the Planners: Client Success Stories

Christina DeVore

Rachel Nedelman

Melissa McGowen

Ashley Stewart

Hear directly from planners as they discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to creating truly unforgettable events.

Building Lasting Experiences Using Customer Data

Conor Wilcock

Discover three types of analytics that help hoteliers ask and answer the right questions about their data: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive.

Keys to Enhancing Your Travel Agency Distribution Channel

Kristen Ebersole

Dan Swain

This sponsored session will explore the data insights that fuel the travel agency channel, focusing on missed opportunities that DMOs should seek out. Learn how to best use travel agencies and prove their effectiveness through engagement.

The New Cvent Hospitality Cloud

Kyle Wolfson

Mark Jacobs

Introducing Cvent's new Hospitality Cloud! Join this session to dive into the bigger picture about what to expect from Cvent now and in the future.

Passkey Deep Dive

Sam Fahmy

In this session, you’ll hear real examples of how Passkey users are "going beyond the contract" and taking advantage of room block management to creatively unlock an indispensable source of revenue.

Cvent Business Transient Deep Dive

Brian Sullivan

Follow our experts on a deep-dive tour of Cvent Business Transient and how it helps hotels create, manage, and measure corporate travel business. You'll see how it provides a competitive edge and increases your team's productivity in key areas that support corporate accounts.

CSN Search Redesign Session: Review New & Pending Features

Dave Bailey

Josh Davis

Learn what the new Cvent Search has to offer in this in-depth session with our product experts. You'll learn how to best use the new features to win over planners and build your brand's digital reach. Product Managers will also present the newest and developing updates to get feedback from our power player attendees.

Group Business Intelligence: Review New & Pending Features

Jeffrey Emenecker

Dan Russotto

Brian Gauthier

Discover how BI increases awareness and accountability for hoteliers by providing analytic tools in three core areas: demand generation, response behavior, and results analysis. Venues can understand how they compare to their comp set in RFP volume metrics across time, by market segment, geographic origin, etc., as well as response behavior and proposed pricing. Understand how to leverage these insights to make better decisions in marketing and sales operations.

Product Discussion: The New Generation of Group Business Technology

Dave Bailey

Tony Marelli

Get a sneak peek of future products while they are still on the drawing board, including new Cvent Supplier Network search features, internationalization updates, and next-gen marketing tools.

Meet the Experts on Cvent Business Transient

Brian Sullivan

Michele Frieri

Tom Hemer

Join us and learn about recent and upcoming enhancements to the Transient solution. Share your feedback and learn valuable skills to improve how you manage and sell business transient business.

Meet the Experts on Passkey

Rachel Tash

Barbara Sobeski

Join us and learn about recent group booking enhancements in Passkey. Share your feedback on this new feature and learn valuable skills to improve how you optimize your booking workflow for any kind of group.


Building Lasting Experiences Using Customer Data Session

As Research Director at B2B International, Conor Wilcock was armed to discuss what questions hotels should ask their data to address customer needs and market intelligence.

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Planner Panel Session

Hoteliers alike were treated to tips from four top-notch planners during Cvent CONNECT 2017’s breakout session, “From the Planners: Client Success Stories.

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Building Brand Ambassadors Step by Step Session

Attendees got the rules, tactics, and equipment needed for engaging their entire team from Travis Howe, Executive VP & GM of Global Platform Solutions for Mediaocean.

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Addressing the Generation Gap Session

Francesca Vereb, Sr. Product Marketer at Cvent discusses how generational differences influence distinct preferences in what customers value, how they spend their time and money, and what marketing they’ll respond to.

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